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E-Waste Management and Circular Economy

Recycle now and fulfil your obligations under the Extended Producer Responsibility Policy. Buy EPR credits for metals, copper, iron and aluminium and fulfil your ESG goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

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What is Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR)?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental protection strategy that is designed to integrate the environmental costs connected with goods throughout their life cycles. It encourages the manufacturers or brand owners to create markets for reuse or recycling of materials. The main objective of EPR is to minimize the total environmental impact of waste materials from a product.

Where to buy EPR credits?

Any producer, manufacturer, importer and/or brand may approach listed recyclers appearing on the EPR for E-waste portal hosted by the CPCB. Elxion has credits available in Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Gold and refurbished products available for purchase. You can reach out to us to buy EPR credits.

What is the target for E-waste collection under EPR?

The set targets for e-waste collection under EPR can be either in number or weight. During the first two years of implementation of rules, it shall be 30% of the quantity of waste generation, as indicated in the EPR plan. It is followed by 40% during the third and fourth years, 50% during the fifth and sixth years and 70% from seventh year onwards.

What is the EPR policy for E-waste in India?

India has had an EPR policy in E-waste since 2016. The latest rules (E-waste Management Rules 2022) define EPR targets for brands, importers, manufacturers and producers in terms of weight of metals derived from their products. All transactions related to EPR happen on a centralized EPR E-waste portal governed by the CPCB.

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